Associate Professor Ryan Brutger sits for a podcast interview at Social Science Matrix. What is the role and impact of private firms in monitoring and enforcing international trade law? Professor Ryan Brutger recently sat down with Daniel Lobo, Sociology PhD Student and Social Science Matrix Communications Scholar, for a podcast to discuss Ryan's new article, "Litigation for Sale: Private Firms and WTO Dispute Escalation." This...

How do elites select women leaders? Melanie Phillips unpacks Zambia's "selectorate" who pick party candidates. The Political Science Department is pleased to share details about Melanie Phillips (PhD '22) with the UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix. Follow link for details,

Professor Kirk Bansak's paper titled "Europeans’ support for refugees of varying background is stable over time" has been published in Nature. It was posted online a couple weeks ago, and will be out in their print edition on August 24, 2023. Read the full paper here, . Professor Bansak was also interviewed by Berkeley News about his paper. You can read his interview here...

The Department of Political Science is delighted to share that the ECPR’s Standing Group on Regulatory Governance has decided to award Professor Emeritus David Vogel its lifetime award this year, in recognition of the many important and outstanding contributions he has made to the field. Please join us in congratulating Professor Vogel on this wonderful achievement.

The Political Science Department with like to congratulate PhD alumni, Professor Jason Blakely (Class of 2013), for having the cover article in the August issue of Harper's Magazine. Professor Blakely's article, entitled "Doctor's Orders," is based on my 2020 book with Oxford University Press, We Built Reality . You can read the full article here,

We'd liked to share multiple recent media appearances from our esteemed Professor Steve Fish. To view his features follow the links below. CNN: and downloads/ cd03cf74c93a1ba45a6351bfa41760 0320230624073743/1938ea BBC: downloads/ 456090d5b869289faef89bea935b26 e620230625045006/99e23f Sky News Australia: v=EJ2-Hlp5PHQ

We are proud to share that PhD alumna Dr. Fiona Shen-Bayh's book, based on the dissertation, has won the APSA-IPSA Theodore J. Lowri First Book Award. That is her third award this awards season along with the Giovanni Sartori Best Book Award and the Juan Linz Best Book Prize in the Comparative Study of Democracy & Autocracy. Please join us in celebrating her wonderful achievements...

The department is happy to share that recent Ph.D. Nicholas Kuipers won the 2023 Mancur Olson Best Dissertation Award from APSA’s Political Economy section. Please join us in congratulating Nicholas on this wonderful achievement. You can see him and the other 2023 award winners here, .