We're please to share this article from the Berkeley News interviewing Professor Cecilia Hyunjung Mo discussing in part why male backlash against democracy is not surprising. To read the full article, follow this link

In late September, the Carter Center hosted the Seventh Annual Young Scholars Forum on U.S.-China Relations. First hosted by the Carter Center and its partners at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2014, the forum invites young scholars including doctoral candidates and assistant professors to present their research on U.S.-China relations and Chinese foreign policy. We are pleased to share that our PhD candidate, Philip Rogers (along...

Media interviews of Professor Steve Fish, on the continuing situation in Ukraine and Russia. BBC World News: KRON 4: War in the Ukraine,

We are pleased to share that PhD candidate Tara Chandra has been awarded a Peace Scholar Fellowship from the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) for her outstanding dissertation “Untangling Dynamics in Civil Conflict: Explaining Insurgent Behavior Toward Civilians.” The Peace Scholar Fellowship Program is a key initiative reflecting USIP’s commitment to promote research in support of their congressional mandate to help prevent, mitigate, and resolve...

We wanted to share some recent news features of Professor Steve Fish speaking with local and international news outlets. He was features on the BBC and our local Fox station, KTVU 2. BBC- War in the Ukraine BBC- Guest Clip KTVU- Rep. Liz Cheney's Loss and the State of the Republican Party

We're thrilled to celebrate Professor Gabe Lenz and graduate student Alia Braley's win of the Stanford's Strengthening Democracy Challenge. They, along with their team members Dhaval Adjodah, Hossien Rahnama, and Ales Pentland, came in first place in the completion in lowering anti-democratic attitudes in a massive online experiment. You can learn more about their work called "Correcting Overestimates of Opposing Partisans' Willingness to Break Democratic...

Professor Cecilia Mo's study, "Civilian national service programs can powerfully increase youth voter turnout" received coverage in the academic journal, Science. The study was also co-authored with alumnus, Elizabeth Mitchell Elder. To read the article in Science, click on You can read the full study at