Internship/Field Study Credit

It may be possible to receive academic credit for an internship. Internship credit courses within the Political Science department are numbered 197 (upper division undergraduates). Courses vary from one to three units, depending on the extensiveness of the written assignment, and are taken on a Pass/Not Pass basis. During the regular academic year, forms are due the Friday of the 2nd week of classes.

NOTE: Independent study courses, field study, P/NP courses, labs, simulations, and similar non-lecture courses do not fulfill requirements in the major.

Please note that these courses require a significant level of departmental approval. Read on for important enrollment details.

PS 197 Field Study in Political Science

For upper-division students (60 or more units completed at the beginning of the relevant semester). Supervised experience relevant to specific aspects of political science, for example in government offices or political science-related non-profit organizations.

Requirements: Regular individual meetings with a faculty sponsor and a minimum of 10 pages of written work for each unit of credit. Students must gauge the size of the paper they wish to write beforehand, discuss it with their faculty sponsor, and choose the number of units to enroll for accordingly. 1-3 units. Pass/Not Pass only.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Obtain the Internship form from the department's Office of Undergraduate Advising by e-mailing .
  • Complete the form and obtain your faculty sponsor's signature.
  • Return the instructor-signed form to via e-mail to no later than 4pm on Friday of the 2nd week of classes (spring or fall semester) or Friday at 4 pm of the 1st week of summer classes (Summer sessions A and D).

Your Independent Study/Internship proposal will be submitted by the Undergraduate Office for departmental review. Once approved, you will be emailed a Course Control Number to enroll for the units.

Students should enroll in back-up units in case their applications are denied.

Failure to submit the form by the end of the 2nd week (or 1st week in summer) will result in the forfeiture of credit.