Incompletes are meant to help you through an emergency, such as serious illness or a crisis in your family, that occurs near the end of a semester. If your work is of passing quality, your instructor may agree to give you an Incomplete. If you want to take an Incomplete, read on.

Before the semester ends...

  • Confirm with your instructor exactly what you must do (paper, rescheduled exam, etc.) to complete the course.
  • Establish a date for submitting the final assignment. See below for absolute deadlines established by the College of Letters and Science.
  • And -- very important! -- get contact information from your instructor, especially if he/she is a visiting professor and will leave the vicinity at the end of the semester. Otherwise, you won't know where or how to submit your assignment or how to reach him/her later to get your final grade.

When you are ready to finish the course...

  • Get a "Petition to Remove an Incomplete Grade" - the petition is also available at 120 Sproul, 206 Evans, or 296 Barrows.
  • Give the petition to your instructor with your final assignment. The instructor will send the Petition (with your grade) to the Undergraduate Advising Office and we will forward it the Registrar. Until the petition is received by the Registrar, the new grade will not be recorded.

If you don't finish the Incomplete by the deadline...

You can extend your Incomplete by petition if necessary. You must do this BEFORE the deadlines occur and you will need your instructor's permission. Fill out a "Petition to Extend an Incomplete Grade," have your instructor sign it, and be sure to establish a new deadline. "Petitions to Extend an Incomplete Grade" must be submitted to 206 Evans.

If you decide not to finish the course...

If you never want to finish the course, you may have the Incomplete permanently frozen, but you have to freeze it BEFORE the Incomplete deadlines occur. If you extended your Incomplete, you cannot then have it frozen. Frozen Incompletes may never be completed, nor can that course be repeated. Freezing an Incomplete is also done by Petition, available at 206 Evans or 296 Barrows. You may freeze up to two Incompletes.

Doing nothing about an Incomplete grade...

If you do nothing to complete, extend, or freeze your Incomplete by the deadline, it will lapse to an F. The F can be reversed by submitting the Petition to Extend an Incomplete.

Important to know!

All activity regarding your Incomplete will appear on your transcript. An INC (or F) notation will remain by the course listing, with the new grade and completion date further down the transcript.

Seniors! If you are graduating you must complete all Incompletes in required courses (i.e., necessary to graduate) by the end of the semester (the last day of finals) or you will not graduate that term.

You cannot remove an incomplete grade by repeating the course. If you repeat the course the incomplete lapses to an F or NP. If attending class is required by the instructor as a condition of removing the incomplete grade, you should arrange to sit in on the course informally.


  • Incompletes received in fall semester must be finished by the first day of class the following fall semester
  • Incompletes received in spring semester must be finished by the first day of class the following spring semester
  • Incompletes received in Summer Session are the same as for Spring Incompletes the first day of class the following SPRING semester