The COVID-19 pandemic has been associated with large degrees of deep partisan polarization. In the US case, partisanship rapidly became associated with differences in the willingness to practice social distancing, to wear a mask, and eventually to get vaccinated. It was also associated with different risk perceptions about COVID and different relationships between COVID concern and evaluation of incumbents. The Canadian case is different. Partisan differences in evaluations of COVID and behavioural responses to it were small through the first year of the pandemic, but then began to widen. Drawing on more than 100,000 survey interviews with Canadians, we explore..

Misinformation and conspiracy theories have become a central feature of modern life, but they have a long history that have served to justify surveillance and prosecution of marginalized groups. In this Matrix on Point panel, we asked scholars who study these histories to reveal how misinformation circulates, and the effects of such myths and stories on society. Co-sponsored by the

William C. Kirby is T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University and Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He is a Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor. He serves as Chairman of the Harvard China Fund, the University's academic venture fund for China, and Faculty Chair of the Harvard Center Shanghai, Harvard's first...

Dec 05, 2022

BIDS TextXD 2022

TextXD 2022: Text Analysis Across Domains will be held on December 5-7, 2022, in Berkeley, CA. Tickets go on sale July 11, 2022. Call for Proposals: Submit to propose a 15-min presentation, a 3-5min lightning talk, or a poster by September 16, 2022. Acceptance notices will be emailed by October 11, 2022.

With the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, war returned to the consciousness of Europeans. History has forcefully returned to guide political arguments, such as the call for more weapons to Ukraine, but also the demand for efforts to negotiate with Russia. The presence and proliferation of historical references testify to a feeling of profound uncertainty as Europe...

Zoom Link Available The Covid-19 pandemic tested the possibility of solving complex problems through democratic governance. In this talk, I will analyze the link between democracy and anti-pandemic policies from three different angles. Firstly, in using data on anti-pandemic policies from over...

A talk by author Deepa Purushothaman on her debut book, a deeply personal call to action for women of color to find power from within and to join together in community, advocating for a new corporate environment where we all belong—and are accepted—on our own terms.