Support the Department of Political Science

Gifts from our alumni and friends will ensure that Berkeley's Department of Political Science remains one of the most distinguished in the world.

Your gift is vital as it ensures the continued excellence of our department and supports the education, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, of future leaders and academics. We utilize gifts in support of graduate students as fellowships, travel stipends, and research funds. We support faculty development and research. The department also supports undergraduate students through scholarships and social activities.

Giving Opportunities Include

  • The William K. (Sandy) Muir, Jr. Leadership Award -This student leadership tribute is an endowed prize named in honor of Professor Muir and given to a deserving Berkeley undergraduate student who has demonstrated a high level of academic distinction and a strong commitment to being a leader in campus, community, or public affairs. Read more at the following link:
  • David William Bell Fellowship - established by the family and friends of the late graduate student David William Bell. Fund is used to support graduate students of African American heritage who show financial need.
  • Braden Fund – provides graduate student fellowships.
  • Forcey Fund – provides graduate student fellowships for those studying East Asian politics.
  • Iris Hui Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship– Established in 2021, the Dr. Iris Hui Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship honors the vision and goals of Dr. Iris Hui, a PhD graduate of Political Science from UC Berkeley.
  • The Peter Kujachich Graduate Fellowship – established in 2008 to support graduate students in the Department of Political Science.
  • The Todd LaPorte Scholarship Fund – established in honor of Prof. Todd LaPorte on the occasion of his retirement to provide financial support to undergraduate students.
  • The MacDonald Fund – provides graduate student fellowships for those studying Latin American politics.
  • The Peter H. Odegard Memorial Award – provides annual award(s) to outstanding graduate student(s) to assist him or her in work for the completion of the doctorate degree. In memory of Professor Odegard who joined the Berkeley Department of Political Science in 1948 and is generally considered as the founder of the modern Department of Political Science.
  • Overstreet Family Foundation Fund – established in 2007 by the Overstreet Family in support of those graduate students studying the developing world, or development politics.
  • Rozance Fund – provides graduate student fellowships for those studying Political Theory.
  • Unrestricted Gift Fund – the department utilizes unrestricted gifts in support of a variety of undergraduate and graduate student activities including fellowships, travel, conference attendance, publications and social activities. These gifts of cash are among the most valuable forms of support for the department because they are immediately available and are often unrestricted; they provide flexibility to meet the department's most pressing needs.

How to Donate

To make a gift to the Department of Political Science online, please visit: Make a Gift to Political Science (external link)

To donate by check, make your check payable to UC Berkeley Foundation/Political Science Dept. and send it to Department of Political Science – Manager, 210 Social Sciences Building, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1950.

Your partnership and continued investment in the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science helps us change lives on campus and throughout the world. Thank you for your commitment.