Faculty/Lecturer/GSI Position Listings

Job #1: Junior Specialist 

The Center for the Study of American Democracy, under the guidance of Professor David Broockman, with the Travers Department of Political Science at UC Berkeley, is seeking highly motivated individuals for the position of Junior Specialist.

The Center for the Study of American Democracy supports research on political institutions, political behavior, and political economy in the United States. The Center focuses on research of broad importance to American society, such as the political roots of rising inequality, the political and historical roots of our criminal justice and incarceration crisis, and the causes of political polarization. Understanding these questions is not only of academic importance but can help guide policymakers and society as the country faces unprecedented new challenges.

The Junior Specialist will support Professor Broockman and other faculty members on their research. The duties will span three topics:

  1. Assistance with the historical data on Congressional proposals. This will entail historical research and data analysis.
  2. Assistance with the historical data on policing, crime, and crime victimization.
  3. Assistance with the historical data on polarization in the United States.

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Job #1: Postdoctoral Scholar

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Department of Political Science is seeking a postdoctoral scholar who will work in collaboration with and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Kirk Bansak.

Research with Professor Bansak will involve collaboration on his existing and/or new academic research projects. Potential project areas of interest could include (but are not limited to): political methodology; computational social science; design, analysis, and application of conjoint experiments; immigration, refugee, and asylum politics; algorithmic decision-making in public policy; technology and democracy; economic crisis and austerity politics; and public opinion.

In addition to the research component, the postdoctoral scholar will contribute to the Yardi Scholarship program in coordination with Professor Bansak, who is the program's Faculty Director. Launching in Fall 2023, the Yardi Scholarship brings together undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and the College of Letters & Science-Social Sciences Division for a signature experience centered around the intersection of democracy and technology. Yardi Scholars benefit from financial support, a dynamic curriculum, intellectual community, and a program to foster and apply their commitment to improving the world around them. Once fully implemented, the Yardi Scholarship will support 60 students.

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The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science in the College of Letters and Science at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for a pool of qualified temporary lecturers to teach courses as needed in the areas of (but not limited to) American Politics, California Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Methodology & Formal Theory, Political Theory & Philosophy, Models & Politics, Political Behavior, Public Law & Jurisprudence, and Public Policy & Organization.

General Duties: In addition to teaching responsibilities, general duties include holding office hours, assigning grades, advising students, preparing course materials (e.g. syllabus), and maintaining a course website.

Please note: The use of a lecturer pool does not guarantee that an open position exists. See the review date specified in AP Recruit to learn whether the department is currently reviewing applications for a specific position. If there is no future review date specified, your application may not be considered at this time.

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Thank you for your interest in being a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for the Department of Political Science.  We start our hiring process in April for the Fall/Summer semester and October for the Spring semester. We give priority to Department of Political Science graduate students but often hire qualified graduate students from outside the department. We will continue to accept applications until all positions are filled.

The Department of Political Science often has GSI positions available. Graduate students from other departments are encouraged to apply. 

All Political Science GSI appointments are 50% time and include a partial fee remission. For more information, please see:

Applicants must meet Graduate Division requirements in order to be appointed:

  • be a registered student in the semester of their appointment 
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • have no more than 2 incomplete grades

In addition, appointed GSIs must meet Graduate Division’s General GSI Qualifications listed here:

Further information on GSI guidelines, resources and support can be found on the Graduate Division’s Teaching and Resource Center website:

FALL 2023 Application Now Open:


This document gives a general outline of typical duties of Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs). Instructors are free to vary the duties, subject to not exceeding the number of hours specified in . It is very important that GSIs and instructors meet at the beginning of the semester to clarify the instructor's requirements. 

  • Attend lectures
  • Instruction of 2 sections with 27 students per section each week
  • Preparation
  • Hold office hours each week
  • Supervisor/ASE(s) meetings
  • Read and evaluate student papers and exams
  • Proctor examinations
  • Perform individual and/or group tutoring
  • Maintain/submit student records (e.g. grades)

A GSI with a 50% appointment shall not be assigned a workload of more than 340 hours per semester or a workload of over 40 hours in any one week.  The number of hours worked in excess of 20 hours per week may not total more than 77 hours per semester. 

In addition, a GSI with an appointment of 50% or less shall not be assigned a workload of more than 40 hours in any one week or more than 8 hours in any one day.

It's important to note that lower division courses, POLSCI 1, POLSCI 2, POLSCI, 3, POLSCI 4, & POLSCI 5, and upper division courses, POLSCI 103, POLSCI 124A , POLSCI 124B, POLSCI 145A, POLSCI 116C & POLSCI 112C, have discussion sections that are 2 hours long. 

If you find your work exceeds this limit, consult the instructor. If the problem is not resolved, contact the GSI Faculty Coordinator, Daniel Lee