Understanding Political Developments In India

TuTh 9:30-11
50 Birge
Course Description: 

Course Summary

This course would attempt to explore the multi track dimensions of Politics in South Asia with a special focus in India. During the course, there would be attempt to collectively explore the major milestones in the evolution and growth of politics in India and its implications and impact on contemporary political developments. The course would also assess the major contemporary issues in Indian politics and attempt a holistic understanding of these developments from the perspective of democratic theory in general and south asia politics in particular.

Course Objectives

a)     To familiarize the learner with the contemporary trends in Indian politics

b)     To help the learner locate developments in Indian politics in the wider context of democratic politics in `new` democracies

c)      To sensitize the learners to the `context` of politics in India

d)     To facilitate an in-depth understanding of the Indian politics through the `window` of case studies

Please note you will NOT be able to take Political Science 145A, if you are enrolled or have completed Political Science W145A. This is the in-person variation of the course.


Note: Course description is from Summer 2013

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