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Sarang Shah

PhD student and lawyer
IGS Moses Hall
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I am a lawyer and a PhD student in Political Science at UC Berkeley, living in San Francisco. My background is in law, politics, journalism, tech, and theoretical physics. Prior to graduate school, I studied theoretical physics at Georgia Tech, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Cambridge, and researched computational neuroscience at Technische Universität Berlin. More recently, I researched money in politics at MapLight, and wrote for Palantir Technologies and Crowdpac. I graduated from Berkeley Law in May 2021 with a J.D. and was licensed by the State Bar of California in December 2021.

I am interested in political economy, law, money in politics, democracy and corruption, governance, epistemology, and political philosophy. More about me at my website

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American Politics
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Political Theory & Philosophy
Political Economy
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Paul Pierson