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Leonardo Di Bonaventura Altuve

PhD Student
Personal Statement

Leonardo is a first-year PhD student in Political Science. His research focuses on International Relations theory, qualitative methods, democracy promotion, and authoritarianism, particularly in Latin America & the Caribbean. Leonardo holds a MSc. in Global Governance & Diplomacy from the University of Oxford and B.A.s in International Relations & Global Studies and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Leonardo is from Guanare (Venezuela). 



Area Specialization
Primary Subfield
International Relations
Secondary Subfield
Comparative Politics
Methodology & Formal Theory

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Di Bonaventura Altuve, Leonardo. (2023). "Democratización por conveniencia: Explicaciones materialistas-utilitarias de promoción democrática." Revista de Ciencia Política 43(1), pp. 115-141.

Di Bonaventura Altuve, Leonardo. (2021). "The Collective Promotion of Democracy and Authoritarian Backsliding: The Organization of American States in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Honduras." The Latin Americanist 65(2), pp. 233-263.