Select Topics : Modeling Attitudes, Decision-making, and Participation

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Course Description

Modeling Attitudes, Decision-making, and Participation
Three hours of lecture/discussion per week. The genesis of this course is the development in 2006 of a National Science Foundation funded IGERT (Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Research and Training Program) called PEPPP ­ Politics, Economics, Psychology, and Public Policy whose goal is to bring together students  from political science, economics, psychology and public policy to develop interdisciplinary approaches to social science and public policy problems. The core of the PEPPP program is three courses: one on causal inference and research design, a second on attitudes, decision-making, and participation, and a third on implementation and principle agent theory. This is the second course which is required for all IGERT students but which, if space permits, will also be open to other students across the social sciences and in public policy. Taught with PS270-1. Course examines current problems and issues in the field of public policy. As topics vary from year to year, course may be repeated for credit.

Special Note: This is the second course which is required for all IGERT students. GSPP and Political Science students interested in taking the class should contact co-instructor Karin Martin at  If space permits, students will be granted course entry codes to enroll.

This course is a room share with PP290-13 (3) Special Topics in Public Policy 

CCN 77333    M 2:00-5:00pm * 105 GSPP * Dean Henry Brady, PhD Student Karin Martin