American Legal System

Course Description

Three hours of lecture and discussion per week. The course focuses on legal aspects of public policy, with an emphasis on the relative capacities of, and relationships among, law-making agencies (courts, legislatures, administrative agencies, referenda processes). Students will be exposed to primary legal materials, including judicial decisions, statutes, and regulations, and skills of legal interpretation will be developed. The course will be a mixture of lecture and discussion. Course examines current problems and issues in the field of public policy.

This course is a room share with Public Policy 190 section 004 ccn# 77163.

Professor Farhang taught 150 "American Legal System" as Public Policy 190 "Special Topics in Public Policy" in previous years. This is the exact same course listed under Political Science.

IMPORTANT! Please note you will NOT be able to take Political Science 150 with Professor Farhang, if you have already completed Political Science 150 with either Kagan or Farhang, or Public Policy 190 with Farhang.