Vanessa Navarro Rodriguez

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Graduate Students

Personal Statement: 

I am a PhD student in political science at U.C. Berkeley, specializing in International Relations and Comparative Politics. In my research, I seek to understand the conditions under which international actors, tasked with protecting civilians, exercise violence over the lives of people. In considering this question, I am particularly interested in gender-based violence. Prior to attending U.C. Berkeley, I graduated from Cornell University magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Government. I have previously worked on a variety of research projects in both International Relations and American politics. I most recently worked as Sabrina Karim’s research assistant for the Elsie Initiative on Women in Peace Operations, which is managed by the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance and sponsored by the Canadian government. My work has been supported by the U.C Berkeley Graduate School Chancellor’s Fellowship, the Samuel R. Berger National Leadership Scholarship from Cornell University, and the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute. 

Primary Subfield: 
International Relations
Secondary Subfield: 
Comparative Politics