Shterna Friedman

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Graduate Students

Personal Statement: 

Shterna Friedman is studying political theory with an emphasis on the history of political thought. Some of her research questions include: How have thinkers through the ages understood the phenomenon of error and what were the political ramifications of such understandings (which range from the view that our senses are defective to the theory of false consciousness)? How does modern social science explain why people make mistakes; are such explanations adequate; and what are their intellectual origins? When did the “freedom to err” come to seem not merely an unavoidable evil or manifestation of original sin, but an implicit “right,” at times celebrated as a sign of individual uniqueness, at times legally protected when such errors fall under the rubric of “matters of indifference”? In addition to her interest in the epistemological roots of the assumptions animating modern society, she is also interested in its legal and theological roots.

Primary Subfield: 
Political Theory & Philosophy
Secondary Subfield: 
Public Law & Jurisprudence