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Sharik Laliwala

Personal Statement

I am a Ph.D. student in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Additionally, I serve as a Resident Research Associate at the Center on the Politics of Development at Berkeley. 

I am interested in studying the linkages between the descriptive and substantive representation of minorities. Toward that aim, I want to explore questions around the political economy of development for caste and religious minorities in India. I also study urbanization and municipal governance in India. 

I hold an M.A. in Contemporary India from King’s College London and a B.B.A. (Dual Majors in Economics and Finance) from Ahmedabad University. In the past, I have worked as a researcher with the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Sciences Po, and Ashoka University's Trivedi Center of Political Data. 

Primary Subfield
Comparative Politics
Secondary Subfield
Methodology & Formal Theory
South Asia