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Ruth Berins Collier

Heller Professor of the Graduate School
+1 510 643-8019
774 Social Sciences Building
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Professor Collier received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.     Her research, across Latin America, Africa, and Europe, has focused on forms of popular participation, political regime and regime change, and labor politics.

Academic Subfields
Research Interests
Latin America
Comparative Politics
Political Regimes
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Amazon Author page

Reorganizing Popular Politics: Participation and the New Interest Regime in Latin America (co-edited and co-authored), Penn State University Press, 2009

Paths Toward Democracy: Working Class and Elites in Western Europe and South America (Cambridge, 1999)

The Contradictory Alliance: State-Labor Relations and Regime Change in Mexico (University of California, 1992)

Shaping the Political Arena Critical Junctures, the Labor Movement, and Regime Dynamics in Latin America (co-authored, Princeton, 1991 and University of Notre Dame 2002)

Regimes in Tropical Africa: Changing Forms of Supremacy, 1945-1975 (University of California, 1982)