Raymond Wolfinger

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Research Interests: 
Voting Behavior
M.A., University of Illinois
Ph.D., Yale University
Personal Statement: 

After graduation from UC Berkeley and Army service Professor Wolfinger received his MA from the University of Illinois and his Ph.D. from Yale. His political experience includes a year each in New Haven City Hall and the U.S. Congress and intermittent lobbying on behalf of a voter registration measure that was incorporated in the "motor voter" act. Professor Wolfinger came to Berkeley in 1971 after ten years at Stanford and usually teaches a year-long graduate seminar in American politics and an undergraduate course on Congress. He is writing a book on aspects of voter turnout: individual characteristics related to turnout, comparative registration systems, and political calculations behind voter registration reform. Recent publications include "The First Seven Years of the Political Life Cycle" (with Benjamin Highton), American Journal of Political Science, 2001; "The Political Implications of Higher Turnout" (with Benjamin Highton), British Journal of Political Science, 2001; and "Registering and Voting with Motor Voter" (with Jonathan Hoffman), PS: Political Science and Politics, 2001.