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Research Interests: 
Political Economy of the Platform Economy
Future of Work
Political Economy
State and Economy
Politics and Technology
A.B., Harvard University
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Personal Statement: 

John Zysman is Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley and co-founder/co-director of the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy. Zysman’s ongoing work covers the implications of platforms and intelligent tools for work, entrepreneurship, and international competition; and the economic challenges and opportunities of climate change and the green economy.

From these positions, Zysman has made contributions to the policy and intellectual debates, building a record of thought leadership on the global economy going back five decades. His earlier work was influential in US-Japan trade policy debates in the 1980s. More recently, Zysman has co-authored a series of papers documenting how platforms have transformed the production and distribution of goods and services; these include the well-received “The Rise of the Platform Economy,” published in Issues in Science and Technology in 2016. In addition, several recent articles, including “Unicorns, Cheshire Cats, and the Evolving Logic of Entrepreneurial Finance,” have been featured in popular media such as The Economist, The Financial Times, and the Guardian. As a director of the Work and Intelligent Tools and Systems (WITS) initiative at the Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), Zysman is currently exploring how the development, deployment, and consequences of technologies can be shaped by business and policy choices. In addition to his academic research, Zysman is engaged as a consultant, advisor, and board member for governments, corporations, and NGOs.

Zysman earned his BA at Harvard University, and his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He first joined the faculty at UC Berkeley in 1974.

Current Projects

Future of Work: Work and Intelligent Tools and Systems (WITS) initiative, joint with CITRIS, BMAS (the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs), and ETLA (Research Institute of the Finnish Economy). 

Political economy of digital platforms: transatlantic dialogue on AI, and finance and currency in a digital era.

Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE).



Selected Books


The Third Globalization: Can Wealthy Nations Stay Rich in the Twenty-First Century? Ed. with Dan Breznitz. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012


Can Green Sustain Growth: Moving Sustainable Prosperity from Religion to Reality, Ed. with Mark Huberty. Stanford University Press, 2013


21st Century Manufacturing, with Martin Kenney, Dan Breznitz, and Paul Wright.

UNIDO, 2013


The Services Dilemma:  Productivity Sinkhole or Commoditization, with Niels Christian Nielsen and Jonathan Murray. Sats: Rosendahls – Book Partner Media; Tryk: Scandinavian Book; Produktion: Verve Books, 2013


Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-Industrial Economy, with Stephen Cohen. Basic Books, 1987


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Governments, Markets, and Growth: Financial Systems and the Politics of Industrial Change, Cornell University Press, 1984






Selected Recent Articles


Platforms and Governance of the Digital Economy


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Work in an Era of Intelligent Tools


Kenney, M., Tyson, L., and Zysman, J. 2019. “Beyond Hype and Despair: Developing Healthy Communities in the Era of Intelligent Tools.” Innovation Policy White Paper Series 2019-1, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto.  


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Climate and Energy


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Economic and Trade Policy


Griffith, M., Steinberg, R., and Zysman J. 2017. “From great power politics to a strategic vacuum: Origins and consequences of the TPP and TTIP.” Business and Politics Vol. 19, Special Issue 4: 573-592.