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Personal Statement: 

I am a PhD candidate in Political Science and a D-Lab Senior Data Science Fellow at UC Berkeley and a Visiting Student Fellow at the SNF Agora Institute's P3 Lab at Johns Hopkins University. I study political learning, organizing, and mobilization among marginalized populations using big data and data science. I also build tools that make social science research more efficient and reproducible.

Ongoing Research

I am currently working with Hahrie Han and Milan de Vries on Mapping the Modern Agora project that develops infrastructure for automatically collecting, parsing, and organizing data on civic organizations in the US based on more than three million tax reports.

Dissertation Research

My dissertation examines how government policies influenced U.S. minority coalition formation in the 1960s and 1970s. This project won WPSA’s Don T. Nakanishi Award for Distinguished Scholarship and Service in Asian Pacific American Politics. Portions of this work appear in Studies in American Political Development, Political Research Quarterlyand the Journal of Computational Social Science.  

Other Research

My research on intersectional bias in hate speech and abusive language datasets appears in Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), Data Challenge Workshop. I also have working papers (under review) on how threats influence political learning among marginalized populations and how social exclusion shapes Asian American partisanship

I authored or co-authored and maintain six R packages for parsing large and complex data (tweets, newspaper articles, tax forms, websites, etc.) and making research computationally reproducible.

Teaching Computational Social Science

I am a proud recipient of the “Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award” and have taught computational social science at both graduate and undergraduate levels in semester-long courses and short workshops. I also served as a Data Science Education Program Fellow at UC Berkeley and co-organized the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently working on an open textbook project titled "Computational Thinking for Social Scientists."

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I am on the job market this year and will graduate in May 2021.

Dissertation Committee Chair: 
Paul Pierson and Taeku Lee (co-chairs)
Primary Subfield: 
American Politics
Race and Ethnic Politics
Secondary Subfield: 
Methodology & Formal Theory
Political Behavior