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750B Social Sciences Building
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Fall 2024
Personal Statement

I'm an assistant professor of Political Science, affiliated in Classics. I was born in the UK to an English father and Chilean mother, grew up in Manchester, and have worked in Malaysia and China as well as the UK and US. Since receiving my Ph.D. from Harvard in 2013, I've held positions at Harvard (Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows), Stanford (visiting research fellow) and Yale (visiting lecturer and assistant professor). In 2017, I gave birth to a wonderful daughter, and in 2019, joined UC Berkeley. I'm currently working on two books: one on ancient Greek democracy and another comparing ancient and modern democracy. For more information, including course syllabi and teaching evaluations, please visit

Teaching Note: I don't use slides or scripts in my lectures. Instead, I try to promote in-class thought and discussion about our readings, typically through asking questions and being questioned about the reading that you'll have done in your own time. I always provide historical context and offer my own interpretations of our texts, and I make my lecture notes and brief "text notes" available to students on the course website. But I don't see myself as an information delivery system. Rather, I try to model the kind of reflective, questioning, critical readership/studentship stance that I'd like my students to develop. I've been told by some that this mode of teaching and learning is outside the norm for political science; by others, that it's perfectly common. I mention it here just so everyone knows what to expect, since it may be a more aural/oral style of engagement than some are used to.

Academic Subfields
Research Interests
History of Political Thought (Ancient to Modern)
Ancient Greek and Roman Politics
PhD, Harvard University (Political Theory, 2013)
MPhil, University of Cambridge (Political Thought and Intellectual History, 2005)
BA, University of Oxford (Modern History and English, 2002)
  • Demos: How the People Ruled Athens (Princeton University Press, under contract)
  • A Short History of Democracy (Princeton University Press, under contract)

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