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Anirvan Chowdhury

PhD student
Academic Subfields
Comparative Politics
South Asia
Candidate Statement

I study the links between social norms and political behavior with applications to gender and religious conservatism. My research examines how social norms shape women's participation and political inclusion. The centerpiece of this research agenda is my dissertation and book project on how the religiously conservative Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leverages norms of service (seva) to mobilize women in India, and its implications for women’s agency and democratic praxis.

Personal Statement

I am a PhD candidate at the department of political science and a research associate at the Center on the Politics of Development at UC Berkeley. My broad research interests encompass political economy and development. My current projects centre on the links between norms and political behaviour, with applications to gender and religious conservatism.

For more details, please see my CV here.

Primary Subfield
Comparative Politics
Secondary Subfield
Methodology & Formal Theory