Fill out the 2020 Census!

Fill out the 2020 Census!ABOUT THE CENSUS:

  • The Census determines representation and funding for important services like transportation, public education, food stamps and WIC, affordable housing, Pell Grants etc.
  • The Data collected is also used to redistrict CA and to determine number of legislative seats the state should receive in Congress
  • The County receives $10,000 for every person counted - This includes every adult, child and baby; those who do not have a home address, are not citizens etc. 
  • While the Census questionnaires ask  basic identity questions, the data produced guides organizations and governments on where to direct resources
  • The Census is a major resource in forwarding social justice. We need the federal gov’t to know who actually makes up our communities and how quickly these communities are diversifying. 
  • An undercount of just 5% in Alameda County means losing BILLIONS of dollars for these resources


  • UC Berkeley is in a uniquely challenging position for census work, with COVID and ensuing Shelter-in-Place (SIP) policies instituted right before Census Day. SIP orders meant that much of the student population returned to their family homes away from Berkeley. This is reflected in the census tracts immediately surrounding the university ( south of campus from Shattuck ave. up to Piedmont ave.) which have the lowest response rates in Alameda County. See below:
  • Because of COVID, many in person outreach events were moved online or cancelled. The ASUC hosted community-specific based webinars targeting populations such as the LGBTQIA community, undocumented etc. These in turn had low turnout due to the chaotic nature of the pandemic. 

 CLICK HERE to fill out the 2020 Census!. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure just political representation and funding for your community! Quick side note: If your parents already filled out the census for you, but you lived in Berkeley without your parents this past year, you should still fill out the census. If you lived in any of the UC Berkeley affiliated housing including the dorms, frats/sororities, or co-ops, you do not need to fill it out again, but it never hurts to do so! Fill out the Census today!