Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Contactsort descending
Andrew C. Janos Professor Emeritus ajanos@berkeley.edu
510 642-4643
A.J. Gregor Professor Emeritus ajgregor@berkeley.edu
Bruce Cain Professor Emeritus be.cain48@gmail.com
George Breslauer Professor Emeritus bresl@berkeley.edu
510 642-4655
Kiren Chaudhry Professor Emerita chaudhry@berkeley.edu
510 541 1602
David Collier Chancellor's Professor Emeritus dcollier@berkeley.edu
510 642-8168
Giuseppe Di Palma Professor Emeritus dipalmag@berkeley.edu
510 642-4649
Lowell DITTMER Professor Emeritus dittmer@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-4674
Jack Citrin Professor Emeritus gojack@berkeley.edu
J. Merrill Shanks Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School jms@csm.berkeley.edu
Ken Jowitt Professor Emeritus jowitt@berkeley.edu
Jyotirindra Das Gupta Professor Emeritus jyoti@berkeley.edu
David Leonard Professor Emeritus leonard@berkeley.edu
Margaret Weir Professor Emerita of Political Science and Sociology mweir@berkeley.edu
Hanna Pitkin Professor Emerita no@email.com
510 642-4656
J. Nicholas Ziegler Professor Emeritus nziegler@berkeley.edu
Peter Sperlich Professor Emeritus pws34@yahoo.com
Robert A. Kagan Prof Emeritus of Political Science and Law, Professor of the Graduate School rak@berkeley.edu
+1 510-502-4847
Ruth Berins Collier Heller Professor of the Graduate School rcollier@berkeley.edu
+1 510 643-8019
Rodney Hero Professor Emeritus rhero@berkeley.edu
Robert Price Professor Emeritus of Political Science & Associate Vice Chancellor for Research rprice@berkeley.edu
510 642-1049
Shannon C. Stimson Professor Emerita stimson@berkeley.edu
Laura Stoker Professor Emerita stoker@socrates.berkeley.edu
Todd LaPorte Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School tlaporte@socrates.berkeley.edu
510 642-4673
David Vogel Solomon P. Lee Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business vogel@haas.berkeley.edu
510 642-5294
John ZYSMAN Professor Emeritus zysman@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-3067