Comparative Politics Colloquium

Comparative Politics Colloquium, Spring 2017                                              
UC Berkeley, Travers Department of Political Science

Location: All sessions will meet in the Institute of International Studies, Moses Hall 223

POL SCI 291AS (CCN: 22292)

Time: Thursdays, 12:30PM – 2:00PM

January 19
Michael Bernhard, University of Florida

Suicide by Competition? Authoritarian Institutional Adaptation and Regime Fragility

Faculty Chair: Steve Fish
Student Discussant: Katherine Beall

January 26 

February 2 
Carles Boix, Princeton University

Endogenous Parliaments: Urban Agglomeration, Technological Accumulation, and the Deep Roots of Executive Constraints in Europe

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: Mathias Poertner

February 9
John Marshall, Columbia University

Political Information Cycles: When Do Voters Sanction Incumbent Parties For High Homicide Rates? 

Faculty Chair: Thad Dunning
Student Discussant: Chris Chambers-Ju

February 16 
Leonardo Arriola, UC Berkeley

Political Endorsements and Cross-Ethnic Voting in Africa

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: Anna Callis

February 23
Bradley Holland, Ohio State University

Private Conflict, Local Organizations, and Mobilizing Ethnic Violence in Southern California

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: David Dow

March 2 
Calvert Jones, University of Maryland

Gender Segregation as Social Engineering: Exploring the Civic Costs in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Faculty Chair: Jennifer Bussell
Student Discussant: Melissa Carlson

March 9
Daniel Corstange, Columbia University

Sectarian Framing in the Syrian Civil War

Faculty Chair: Steve Fish
Student Discussant: Anustubh Agnihotri

March 16
Cyrus Samii, New York University

On the mechanics of kleptocratic states

Faculty Chair:  Leonardo Arriola
Student Discussant: Justine Davis

March 23
Arturas Rozenas, New York University

The Logic of Collective Repression

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: Laura Jakli

March 30
Spring Recess

April 6
Nahomi Ichino, University of Michigan

Democratizing the Party: The Effects of Primary Election Reforms in Ghana

Faculty Chair: Leonardo Arriola
Student Discussant: Carlos Schmidt-Padilla

April 13
Vicky Fouka, Stanford University

How do immigrants respond to discrimination? The case of Germans in the US during World War I

Faculty Chair: Jason Wittenberg
Student Discussant: Danny Choi

April 20
Leonid Peisakhin, New York University

Bridging the Sectarian Divide: An Experiment on Intersectarian Cooperation in Lebanon

Faculty Chair: Susan Hyde
Student Discussant: Joe Gardner

Faculty Convener: Jason Wittenberg

The colloquium is co-sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Department of Political Science, the Institute of International Studies, and the Center on the Politics of Development.