Namesort descending Title Contact
Vinod Aggarwal Professor of Political Science & Director of Berkeley APEC Study Center vinod@berkeley.edu
510 642-2817
Christopher Ansell Professor cansell@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-2263
Leonardo Arriola Associate Professor larriola@berkeley.edu
Mark Bevir Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for British Studies mbevir@berkeley.edu
510 642-4693
Terri Bimes Lecturer and Assistant Director of Research for the Insitute of Governmental Studies bimes@berkeley.edu
510 642-4679
Henry Brady Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy & Professor of Political Science and Public Policy hbrady@berkeley.edu
510 642-5116
George Breslauer Professor Emeritus bresl@berkeley.edu
510 642-4655
Wendy Brown Class of 1936 First Professor of Political Science wlbrown@berkeley.edu
510 642-4685
Jennifer Bussell Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy jbussell@berkeley.edu
Bruce Cain Professor Emeritus be.cain48@gmail.com
Kiren Chaudhry Associate Professor chaudhry@berkeley.edu
510 541 1602
Pradeep K Chhibber Professor and Indo-American Community Chair in India Studies Director, Institute of International Studies chhibber@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-8739
Jack Citrin Heller Professor of Political Science gojack@berkeley.edu
David Collier Robson Professor of the Graduate School dcollier@berkeley.edu
510 642-8168
Ruth B. Collier Professor rcollier@berkeley.edu
+1 510 643-8019
Ernesto Dal Bo Associate Professor of Business and Public Policy & Associate Professor of Political Science dalbo@haas.berkeley.edu
510 643-1606
Jyotirindra Das Gupta Professor Emeritus jyoti@berkeley.edu
Rui De Figueiredo Associate Professor of Business and Political Science rui@haas.berkeley.edu
510 642-6452
Giuseppe Di Palma Professor Emeritus dipalmag@berkeley.edu
510 642-4649
Lowell Dittmer Professor dittmer@berkeley.edu
510 642-4674
Pamela Duffy Lecturer psd@cpdb.com
Thad Dunning Professor, Robson Chair in Political Science, & Director of Graduate Affairs thad.dunning@berkeley.edu
Barry Eichengreen George C. Pardee and Helen H. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science eichengr@econ.berkeley.edu
510 642-2772
Gregory Elinson Lecturer elinson@berkeley.edu
Sean Farhang Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy farhang@berkeley.edu
(510) 642-6887
M. Steven Fish Professor sfish@berkeley.edu
+1 510 643-1943
Sean Gailmard Professor, Vice Chair of the Department for Personnel gailmard@berkeley.edu
510 642-4677
Andrius Galisanka andrius_galisanka@berkeley.edu
Lisa Garcia Bedolla Professor and Chair of the Center for Latino Policy Research lgarciab@berkeley.edu
510 643-9824
A.J. Gregor Professor Emeritus ajgregor@berkeley.edu
Amy Gurowitz Lecturer gurowitz@berkeley.edu
510 642-4691
Ron Hassner Associate Professor hassner@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-4657
Rodney Hero Haas Chair in Diversity & Democracy, and Professor rhero@berkeley.edu
Kinch Hoekstra Associate Professor of Political Science and Law hoekstra@berkeley.edu
510 643-6365
Andrew Janos Professor Emeritus ajanos@berkeley.edu
510 642-4676
Ken Jowitt Professor Emeritus jowitt@berkeley.edu
Robert A. Kagan Prof Emeritus of Political Science and Law, Professor of the Graduate School rak@berkeley.edu
+1 510-502-4847
Todd LaPorte Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School tlaporte@socrates.berkeley.edu
510 642-4673
Daniel Lee Assistant Professor dan.lee@berkeley.edu
Hong Yung Lee Professor hongyung@socrates.berkeley.edu
510 642-5826
Taeku Lee Professor of Political Science and Law taekulee@berkeley.edu
510 642-4640
Ted Lempert Lecturer tlempert@childrennow.org
Gabriel Lenz Associate Professor glenz@berkeley.edu
(510) 575-9971
David Leonard Professor Emeritus leonard@berkeley.edu
Jonah Levy Associate Professor jlevy@berkeley.edu
+1 510 642-4686
Peter Lorentzen Assistant Professor lorentzen@berkeley.edu
Aila Matanock Assistant Professor matanock@berkeley.edu
510 642 4683
Michaela Mattes Assistant Professor m.mattes@berkeley.edu
Joel Middleton Assistant Professor joel.middleton@berkeley.edu
Kevin O'Brien Walter and Elise Haas Professor of Asian Studies; Alann P. Bedford Professor of Asian Studies; Professor of Political Science; & Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies kobrien@berkeley.edu
510 642-4689