Professor Sean Gailmard's book, 'Learning While Governing: Expertise and Accountability in the Executive Branch', wins The Herbert A. Simon Book Prize for 2017. The Herbert A. Simon prize is awarded to the book with the most significant contribution to public administration scholarship published 5 to 10 years ago.
The Department of Political Science Welcomes Professor Andrew Little
We are pleased to welcome Andrew Little to our faculty. Dr. Little joins us from Cornell University and has been appointed Assistant Professor of Political Science. His research stands on the nexus of formal theory and comparative politics where he uses formal theory, principally game theory, to study the politics of authoritarian regimes.
This year's Miller Prize was awarded to the article "Bias Amplification and Bias Unmasking". The Miller Prize is awarded for the best work appearing in Political Analysis the preceding year.
Our Undergraduate Major Advisors, Efrat Amanda Cidon and Suzanne McDermott, are recipients of the 2016 Excellence in Advising Award for Outstanding Team.