Monday International Relations Thoughts Series (MIRTH) Colloquium

 MIRTH Fall 2018

The IR seminar meets Mondays, 3-4:30, in 223 Moses Hall, followed by time to chat at 4:30. 

*All talks are generously sponsored by the Institute of International Studies.*

Faculty Convener: Aila Matanock (

Graduate Student Coordinator: Alex Stephenson (

August 27: Initial MIRTH Meeting

September 3: No MIRTH—Labor Day

September 10: Lauren Peritz (UC Davis), “When do states comply with legal rulings? Transparency and noncompliance in the global trade regime”

            Discussant: Tim Marple

September 17: Melissa Lee (Princeton University), “Crippling Leviathan: How Foreign Subversion Weakens the State.”

            Discussant: Melissa Carlson

September 24: [Potential Practice Job Talk]

October 1: Caroline Brandt (UC-Berkeley), “Peace Agreements as Counterinsurgency.” [Practice Job Talk]

October 8: Margaret Peters (UCLA), “Emigration and Authoritarianism”

            Discussant: Melissa Samarin

October 15: Adam Lichtenheld (UC-Berkeley), “Population Displacement Strategies in Civil Wars.” [Practice Job Talk]

October 22: Aila Matanock (UC-Berkeley), “Post-Conflict Elections”

            [Substitution for guest cancellation so no discussant]

October 29: Lynn Eden (Stanford University), “End of the World: Nuclear War Planning, Jokes, and Stories.”

            Discussant: Andrew Reddie

November 5: Michael Gilligan (NYU), TBA

            Discussant: Justine Davis

November 12: No MIRTH—Veterans Day

November 19: No MIRTH—Thanksgiving Week

November 26: Erica De Bruin (Hamilton College), “From Civil War to Coups d’état: How Peace Agreements Shape Post-Conflict Violence”

            Discussant needed

December 3: Melissa Carlson (UC-Berkeley), “Rethinking the Role of Militant Groups in International Cooperation”

            [Substitution for guest cancellation so no discussant]