Monday International Relations Thoughts Series (MIRTH) Colloquium

                                                                                                MIRTH Spring 2018

                                    The IR seminar meets Mondays, 3-4:30, in 223 Moses Hall, followed by time to chat at 4:30. 

                                                                  All talks are generously sponsored by the Institute of International Studies.

                                                                              Faculty Convener: Aila Matanock (

                                                                           Graduate Student Coordinator: Katie Beall (   


January 22: Initial MIRTH Meeting

January 29: Elizabeth Saunders (George Washington University), "Leaders, Advisors, and the Political Origins of Elite Support for War"
          Discussant: Alice Ciciora

February 5: Rose McDermott (Brown University), "Sex Differences in Motivation for Fighting?"
          Discussant: Nick Kuipers

February 12: Ann Hironaka (UC-Irvine), "Tokens of Power: Ambiguity and War" 
          Discussant: Melissa Samarin

February 19: No MIRTH -- Presidents' Day

February 26: Jonas Tallberg (Stockholm University/Stanford), "Norm Adoption among International Organizations, 1980-2015" 
          Discussant: Katie Beall

March 5: Lisa Martin (University of Wisconsin, Madison), TBA
          Discussant: Andrew Reddie

March 12: Bob Powell (UC-Berkeley), "Endogenous Intractability: Why Some Persistent Problems Persist"
          Discussant: Paul Thissen

March 19: Michael Gilligan (NYU), TBA 
          Discussant: Alex Stephenson

March 26: No MIRTH -- Spring Break

April 2: Kristian Gleditsch (Essex University), "A Transformation of Political Violence? Terrorism and the Decline of War
          Discussant: Melissa Carlson

April 9: Scott Gates (University of Oslo/PRIO), "Forces of Darkness: The Strategic Dynamics of Intrastate Armed Conflict 
and the Location of Battles
          Discussant: Caroline Brandt

April 16: Roger Petersen (MIT), "Social Science and the Iraq War"
          Discussant: Tara Chandra