Monday International Relations Thoughts Series (MIRTH) Colloquium

                                                                                                 MIRTH Spring 2017

                                       The IR seminar meets Mondays, 4-5:30, in 223 Moses Hall, preceded by refreshments at 3:30. 

                                                         All talks are generously sponsored by the Institute of International Studies.

                                                                     Faculty Convener: Aila Matanock (

                                                              Graduate Student Coordinator: Andrew Reddie (


  • January 30: Initial MIRTH Meeting
  • February 6: Phillip Lipscy (Stanford University) 
    • The Politics of International Testing
    • Discussant: Nick Kuipers
  • February 13: Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University)
    • Leader Beliefs
    • Discussant: Katie Beall
  • February 20: No MIRTH—Presidents’ Day
  • February 27: Jessica Weeks (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    • How and Why Does Public Opinion Affect Foreign Policy in Democracies?
    • Discussant: Biz Herman
  • March 6: Scott Sagan (Stanford University)
    • Revisiting Hiroshima in Iran: American Attitudes on the Use of Nuclear Weapons and Noncombatant Immunity
    • Discussant: Andrew Reddie
  • March 13: Robert Trager (UCLA)
    • The Suffragist Peace
    • Discussant: Dan Spokojny
  • March 20: David Leblang (University of Virginia)
    • The Political Economy of Global Emigration
    • Discussant: Laura Jakli
  • March 27: No MIRTH—Spring Break
  • April 3: Mike Findley (University of Texas, Austin)
    • How Government Reactions to Violence Worsen Social Welfare: Evidence from Peru
    • Discussant: Caroline Brandt
  • April 10: Robert Keohane (Princeton University)
    • Ecology (Organizational and other) and World Politics
    • Discussant: Jason Klocek
  • April 17: Simone Dietrich (University of Essex)
    • Foreign Aid and Judicial Indepdence
    • Discussant: Fiona Shen-Bayh
  • April 24: Eugene Gholz (University of Texas, Austin)
    • No Man’s Sea: Implications for Theory and Strategy
    • Discussant: Sarah Lee
  • May 1: Barbara Koremenos (University of Michigan)
    • Locating Muslim-Majority States on the Continent of International Law
    • Discussant: Melissa Carlson