Monday International Relations Thoughts Series (MIRTH) Colloquium

                                                                                                MIRTH Fall 2017

                                    The IR seminar meets Mondays, 3-4:30, in 223 Moses Hall, followed by time to chat at 4:30. 

                                                                  All talks are generously sponsored by the Institute of International Studies.

                                                                              Faculty Convener: Aila Matanock (

                                                                           Graduate Student Coordinator: Katie Beall (   


August 28: Tana Johnson (Duke University), "The Adhocracy: Permeation of Global Governance Structures by Pressure Groups"

September 4: No MIRTH - Labor Day

September 11: Bora Park (Duke/UC-Berkeley), "Negotiating globalization: Trade agreements in high-technology industries" 
            [Practice Job Talk]

September 18: Samuel Garrett Zeitlin (UC-Berkeley), "Francis Bacon (1561-1626) on Peace" [Practice Job Talk]

September 25: Jason Klocek (UC-Berkeley), "British Strategic Culture and Counterinsurgency in Religious Conflicts" 
            [Practice Job Talk]
                                                          ***Note: Location for this week only is Barrows 202***

October 2: Benjamin Bartlett (UC-Berkeley), "Cybersecurity Policymaking in Japan" [Practice Job Talk]

October 9: Rochelle Terman (CISAC/UC-Berkeley), "Backlash: Resistance and Defiance to International Norms" [Practice Job Talk]

October 16: Kyle Beardsley (Duke University), "Hierarchy and the Provision of Order in International Communities" 

October 23: Carlos Milani (UC-Berkeley/State University of Rio de Janeiro), "The Sketch of Brazil's Grand Strategy under the Worker's      
            Party's Governments"

October 30: Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania), "Labor, Capital, and Beliefs about New Technologies: The case of
            Autonomous Weapons"

November 6: Ron Hassner (UC-Berkeley), "Critiques of Torture, Weak and Strong"

November 13: Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University), "What the revolution in qualitative transparency means for you"

November 20: No MIRTH - Thanksgiving

November 27: Heidi Hardt (Univeristy of California, Irvine), "NATO's Lessons in Failure: Institutional Memory in International Organizations"

December 4: Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), TBA