Monday International Relations Thoughts Series (MIRTH) Colloquium

 MIRTH Spring 2019

The IR seminar meets Mondays, 3-4:30, in 223 Moses Hall, followed by time to chat at 4:30. 

*All talks are generously sponsored by the Institute of International Studies.*

Faculty Convener: Aila Matanock (

Graduate Student Coordinator: Alex Stephenson (

  • January 28: Initial MIRTH Meeting


  • February 4: Michael Tomz (Stanford University), “Public Opinion and Foreign Electoral Intervention”

            Discussant: Andrew Blinkinsop

  • February 11: Andrew Reddie (UC-Berkeley), “The Diminishing Returns of Arms Control?”

  • February 18: No MIRTH—Presidents’ Day


  • February 25: Nirvikar Jassal (UC-Berkeley), “Does Symbolic Breed Substantive Representation? Evidence from Gender-Based Policing in India”


  • March 4: Sarah Kreps (Cornell University), “Origins of Oversight: An Analysis of Legislative Engagement on US Foreign Policy”

            Discussant: Andrew Reddie


  • March 11: Lauren Prather (UCSD), “From Monitoring to Meddling: How Foreign Actors Shape Local Trust in Elections”

            Discussant: Julia Raven


  • March 18: Kathryn Sikkink (Harvard University), TBA

            Discussant: Oren Samet-Marram


  • March 25: No MIRTH—Spring Break


  • April 1: David Lake (UCSD), “Legitimate Power: Rule and Resistance in the American Imperium”

            Discussant: Katie Beall


  • April 8: NO MIRTH—MPSA


  • April 15: Deborah Avant (University of Denver), TBA

            Discussant: Alex Stephenson


  • April 22: Austin Wright (University of Chicago), “Information Operations Increase Civilian Security Cooperation and Support for Reintegration”

            Discussant: Melissa Carlson


  • April 29: Peter Andreas (Brown University), TBA

            Discussant: still needed!