Samuel Garrett Zeitlin


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Academic Subfields: 
Political Theory & Philosophy

Graduate Students

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Recent publications:

Co-authored Book:

S.G. Zeitlin, R. Santi, L. Borot, M.-I. Ducroqc, The "Commonwealth" as Political Space in Late Renaissance England (Padua: CEDAM Editore, 2014).

Co-edited Book:

R.A. Berman and S.G. Zeitlin eds; S.G. Zeitlin trans. C. Schmitt, Land and Sea: A World-Historical Meditation (Candor, NY: Telos Press Publishing, 2015).!/Land-and-Sea-A-World-Historical-Meditation-paperback/p/55571962/category=4186633

Translated Book:

S.G. Zeitlin, trans. C. Schmitt, Dialogues on Power and Space (A. Kalyvas and F. Finchelstein eds.) (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2015).

Primary Subfield: 
Political Theory & Philosophy
Secondary Subfield: 
International Relations