Elsa Massoc


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Methodology & Formal Theory
Western Europe
Academic Subfields: 
Comparative Politics

Graduate Students

Personal Statement: 

My main domains of interest are in Comparative Political Economy, business and politics, inequalities and the social study of finance.

Published work:

"When Adoption is Not Enforcement - Differentiated Enforcement of Banks' Capital Requirements" in the Berkeley Journal of Public Policy, Spring 2017.

"Bernard Jullien and Andy Smith, The EUs Government of industries. Markets, Institutions and Politics", Book Review, Politiques Europeenes, 2015. 

"French Capitalism under stress. How Nicolas Sarkozy rescued the banks", with Nicolas Jabko, Review of International Political Economy, 2012.

Cherchez la Rupture! Nicolas Sarkozy et la crise financiere, in Les Politiques Publiques sous Srakozy, Les Presses de Sciences-Po, Paris, 2012.

"European Banking Systems, their differentiated resilience to the crisis and the varieties of crisis managements, in French: Les Systemes bancaires Europeens a l’Epreuve de la Crise", Nouvelle Europe [en ligne], (February, 2010), http://www.nouvelle-europe.eu/node/785. 

Working papers:

Taxing financial transactions in the first golden age of financial capitalism: the cases of France (1893) and New York State (1905) 

  • 2015 CES Political Economy and Welfare Best Conference Paper
  • Presented at the « Money, Power and Numbers » Series sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Columbia University
  • Under « Review And Resubmit » status 

Income Inequality, Competitive Consumption, and Consumer Debt: Exploring the "Keeping up with the Joneses" Hypothesis at the Local Level Using Micro Data, with Shad Turney;

  • Presented at the Tobin Conference on Inequality and Decision-Making, in Cambridge, MA, in August 2016.

When do banks do what governments tell them to?, A comparative study of the Greek sovereign crisis management in France and Germany. 

  • Presented at APSA 2016, Philadephia




Dissertation Committee Chair: 
Prof. J.Levy and Prof. P.Pierson
Primary Subfield: 
Comparative Politics