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Job Candidates

Namesort ascending Academic Subfields Subfields Contact
Samuel Garrett Zeitlin Political Theory & Philosophy
Sherry Zaks Comparative Politics Comparative Politics / International Relations, Political Methodology
Rosemarie Wagner Political Theory & Philosophy
Denise van der Kamp Comparative Politics
Geoffrey Upton Political Theory & Philosophy
Guadalupe Tunon Comparative Politics
Caitlin Tom Political Theory & Philosophy Public Law & Jurisprudence, Contextual Political Theory, Politics of Recognition, Race & Ethnic Politics, Canadian Politics
Rochelle Terman International Relations Computational Methods, Comparative Politics, Middle East/North Africa, Gender
Fiona Shen-Bayh Comparative Politics
Mathias Poertner Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, Latin America
Bora Clara Park International Relations East Asia
Akasemi Newsome Comparative Politics Public Policy & Organization, Western Europe
Paul Martorelli Political Theory & Philosophy
Jason Klocek International Relations Comparative Politics
Thomas Kelly American Politics
Athmeya Jayaram Political Theory & Philosophy Democratic Theory
Nura Hossainzadeh Political Theory & Philosophy Islamic political thought, Comparative political theory, Comparative politics
Jake Grumbach American Politics
Sean Freeder American Politics
Hernan Flom Comparative Politics Latin America, Methodology & Formal Theory
David Dow Comparative Politics International Relations, Methodology & Formal Theory
Alice Ciciora Comparative Politics Western Europe
Shinhye Choi Comparative Politics Formal Theory and Quantitative Methodology, East Asia
Donghyun Danny Choi Comparative Politics
William Callison Political Theory & Philosophy
Ali Bond Political Theory & Philosophy
Rachel Bernhard Political Behavior
Matthew Baxter Political Theory & Philosophy Political Theory, Comparative Politics, South Asia
Benjamin Bartlett International Relations