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Job Candidates

Namesort ascending Academic Subfields Subfields Contact
Samuel Garrett Zeitlin Political Theory & Philosophy International Relations
Rosemarie Wagner Political Theory & Philosophy
Caitlin Tom Political Theory & Philosophy Public Law & Jurisprudence, Race & Ethnic Politics, Canadian Politics
Paul Thissen Comparative Politics Comparative Politics, Africa
Fiona Shen-Bayh Comparative Politics
Andrew Reddie International Relations Comparative Politics, International Security, International Political Economy
Jason Poulos American Politics Methodology & Formal Theory
Mathias Poertner Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, Latin America
Nathan Pippenger Political Theory & Philosophy Comparative Politics
Akasemi Newsome Comparative Politics Public Policy & Organization, Western Europe
Elsa Massoc Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, Western Europe
Adam Lichtenheld Comparative Politics, International Relations
Jason Klocek International Relations, Comparative Politics
Thomas Kelly American Politics
Nura Hossainzadeh Political Theory & Philosophy Islamic political thought, Comparative political theory, Comparative politics
Jake Grumbach American Politics
Melissa K. Griffith International Relations, Cybersecurity, Comparative Politics
Sean Freeder American Politics
David Dow Comparative Politics International Relations, Methodology & Formal Theory
Alice Ciciora Comparative Politics Western Europe
Donghyun Danny Choi Comparative Politics comparative politics, political behavior, methodology and formal theory
Shinhye Choi Comparative Politics Formal Theory and Quantitative Methodology, East Asia
Christopher Chambers-Ju Comparative Politics
William Callison Political Theory & Philosophy
Caroline Brandt International Relations International Relations, Methodology & Formal Theory, Comparative Politics
Ali Bond Political Theory & Philosophy
Benjamin Bartlett International Relations
Richard Ashcroft Political Theory & Philosophy Public Law & Jurisprudence