Public Law & Jurisprudence

Public Law is concerned with the analysis of the actual behavior of legal decision-makers and the law-related behavior of citizens, as well as with the study of legal and constitutional doctrine. It seeks to develop an understanding of the role of law, legal theory and legal practice in the governmental process. Courses and faculty research focus primarily on how the actions of legal decision-makers (judges, police, regulatory officials, bureaucrats, etc.) are shaped both by legal doctrine and philosophy and by political, organizational, economic, and social variables. Students are also expected to develop a knowledge of American Constitutional Law, its political ramifications, and its relation to public theory. Joint work with the UC Berkeley School of Law and its program in Jurisprudence and Social Policy is encouraged.

Public Law & Jurisprudence Directory

Namesort descending Research Interests Contact
Daniel Lee Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Jurisprudence
510 642 4682
Kinch Hoekstra History of Political Philosophy
Robert A. Kagan Empirical Study of Legal Institutions, Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance, Comparative Legal Institutions
+1 510-502-4847
Sarah Song Political Philosophy, Citizenship, Migration, and Multiculturalism, Feminist Theory and Jurisprudence, First Amendment Law
510 643-5637