Sherry Zaks

Dartmouth College – Dickey Center for International Understanding
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Job Candidates

David Collier (co-chair), Ron Hassner (co-chair), Leonardo Arriola, Heather Haveman
Comparative Politics / International Relations
Political Methodology
Academic Subfields: 
Comparative Politics
Personal Statement: 

Hi! I'm Sherry Zaks. I studied comparative politics, international relations, and political methodology here at Berkeley, where I will earn my Ph.D. in August of 2017. For the 2017-2018 academic year, I will be a post-doctoral fellow at Dartmouth's Dickey Center for International Understanding. 

 My dissertation and book project asks the following question: why are some rebel groups able to seamlessly transition into political parties on the heels of war while others die trying? “Resilience Beyond Rebellion: How Wartime Organizational Structures Affect Rebel-to-Party Transformation,” represents a major shift in modeling rebel-to-party transition by placing the insurgent organization at the center of the analysis. I argue that the answer lies in the surprising diversity of rebel organizations. I draw on organizational sociology to develop a theory of rebel-to-party transition that identifies the locus of change in insurgent organizational structures. I also work on developing integrative tools of multi-method research.  Please feel free to contact me or visit my website – – if you have additional questions about my work. 



Graduate Students

Dissertation Committee Chair: 
David Collier (co-chair) and Ron Hassner (co-chair)
Primary Subfield: 
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Secondary Subfield: 
Methodology & Formal Theory