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American Politics

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Jake is a PhD student in political science, with a focus on the political economy of the United States. His research interests include business and labor, racial and economic inequality, American federalism, health policy, and the politics of climate change. Jake's dissertation investigates the roles of public opinion, organized interests, and campaign finance in the nationalization of state politics over the past two decades. Before graduate school, Jake earned a B.A. from Columbia University. Outside of academia, Jake is a big 70s funk/soul and 90s hip hop nerd.


“From Backwaters to Major Policymakers: Policy Polarization in the States, 1970-2014” 2017. Conditionally accepted at Perspectives on Politics.

“Voting Without Your Feet: Mandatory Mail Ballot Elections” with Gabrielle Elul and Sean Freeder. 2017. Election Law Journal, forthcoming.

“Does the American Dream Matter for Members of Congress? Social Class Backgrounds and Roll-Call Votes” 2015. Political Research Quarterly. 68(2): 306–323.

“Polluting Industries as Climate Protagonists? Cap and Trade and the Problem of Preferences” 2015. Business & Politics 17(4): 633-659.


“The Public or the Party? Significant State Policy and Responsiveness”

“Testing City Limits: The Rise of Healthy San Francisco”

Primary Subfield: 
American Politics
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Methodology & Formal Theory
Public Policy & Organization