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Political Theory & Philosophy
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Ali Bond is a political theorist.  Her teaching interests include the history of political thought, contemporary theory, and the intersection of political thought with international relations, gender, and ethics. Her research focuses on the political, psychological, and rhetorical dimensions of war and its aftermath. Her dissertation, Wounded Warriors: Contemporary Representations of Soldiers’ Suffering, examines how the psychological impact of war on U.S. soldiers is portrayed in medical discourse, presidential rhetoric, veterans’ advocacy materials, film, and news media. The analysis highlights some of the ways in which contemporary portrayals of soldiers’ suffering often preclude or limit conversations about war’s justifiability. A concurrent research project addresses the newly-emerging construct of “moral injury,” proposed by psychologists and veterans’ advocates to address the dimensions of soldiers’ distress that are not currently included in the diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. Both projects contribute to understanding the development and effects of medical and psychological discourses, especially where these intersect with the cultural and political legacies of the Vietnam War.  

She is a postdoctoral researcher at SF State University’s Palm Center, for the study of Gender, Sexuality and the Military, 2016-8.

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