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Graduate Students

Namesort descending Primary Subfield Secondary Subfield Contact
Otto Kienitz Comparative Politics Eastern Europe
Jae Yeon (Jay-un) Kim American Politics, Comparative Politics Political Behavior
Jieun Kim Comparative Politics International Relations
Nicholas Kuipers Comparative Politics International Relations
Tanu Kumar Methodology & Formal Theory South Asia, Comparative Politics
Sarah Lee International Relations, Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, East Asia
Thomas Lee Political Theory & Philosophy Public Law & Jurisprudence
Jiali Li Comparative Politics East Asia
Adam Lichtenheld International Relations Comparative Politics
Tim Marple International Relations Political Behavior
Deirdre Martin International Relations East Asia, Comparative Politics
Adan Martinez Comparative Politics Latin America
Paul Martorelli Political Theory & Philosophy
Andrew McCall American Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, Political Behavior
Olivia Meeks American Politics Public Policy & Organization, Methodology & Formal Theory
Anna Mikkelborg American Politics Political Behavior
Elizabeth Mitchell American Politics Political Behavior
Rhea Myerscough American Politics Public Policy & Organization
Ting Ni Comparative Politics International Relations
Sibbyl Nickerson
David Nield American Politics Political Behavior
Neil O'Brian American Politics Political Behavior
Peter Osnes American Politics, Political Behavior Methodology & Formal Theory
Jaeyoon Park Political Theory & Philosophy
Nathan Pippenger Political Theory & Philosophy Comparative Politics
Konrad Posch Comparative Politics Public Policy & Organization
Jason Poulos
Mahendra Prasad
Bhumi Purohit Comparative Politics South Asia, Political Behavior
Ishana Ratan International Relations Methodology & Formal Theory
Julia Raven International Relations Comparative Politics
Catlan Reardon Comparative Politics Political Behavior
Andrew Reddie
Philip Rogers Comparative Politics Public Law & Jurisprudence
Alexander Sahn American Politics Political Behavior, Methodology & Formal Theory
Melissa Samarin Comparative Politics International Relations
Oren Samet Comparative Politics International Relations
Andres Schipani Comparative Politics, Methodology & Formal Theory, Latin America
Carlos Schmidt-Padilla Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory
David Schraub Political Theory & Philosophy Public Law & Jurisprudence
Surili Sheth Comparative Politics Methodology & Formal Theory
Vasundhara Sirnate Comparative Politics Political Theory & Philosophy
Daniel Spokojny International Relations Methodology & Formal Theory, Comparative Politics
Casey Ste Claire American Politics Methodology & Formal Theory, Political Behavior
Matthew Stenberg Comparative Politics Public Policy & Organization, Western Europe, Eastern Europe
Alex Stephenson International Relations Methodology & Formal Theory
Sam Stevens Political Theory & Philosophy Methodology & Formal Theory
Rachel Strohm Comparative Politics Africa
Michael Sun American Politics Political Theory & Philosophy
Claire Tam International Relations Comparative Politics