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Number CCN Semestersort descending Level Title Section Instructor(s)
271 19705 Fall 2017 Graduate American Government and Political Field Seminar Robert Van Houweling
375 19908 Fall 2017 Graduate Graduate Student Instructor Training Seminar Ron Hassner
212A 46414 Fall 2017 Graduate HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT: ANCIENT Kinch Hoekstra
211 19790 Fall 2017 Graduate Political Theory Workshop Sarah Song
220A 46416 Fall 2017 Graduate THEORIES OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 0 Michaela Mattes
290A 19863 Fall 2017 Graduate Research and Writing Leonardo Arriola and Susan Hyde
210 22539 Fall 2017 Graduate Selected Topics in Comparative Politics: Philosophy of Social Science 2 Jason Wittenberg and Mark Bevir
290 19862 Fall 2017 Graduate Dissertation Writing Workshop Eric Schickler
291F 29245 Spring 2018 Graduate Research Workshop in Quantitative Modeling Jasjeet Sekhon
291 29243 Spring 2018 Graduate RESEARCH WORKSHOP IN AMERICAN POLITICS 0 Robert Van Houweling
211 29232 Spring 2018 Graduate Political Theory Workshop
290SA 23047 Spring 2018 Graduate Africa Research Seminar Leonardo Arriola
291AS 29244 Spring 2018 Graduate COMPARATIVE POLITICS COLLOQUIUM Alison Post
200A 41316 Spring 2018 Graduate MAJOR THEMES IN COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS 1 Christopher Ansell
290 29241 Spring 2018 Graduate Dissertation Writing Workshop Ruth Berins Collier
212B 41317 Spring 2018 Graduate History of Political Thought: Early Modern The State, Sovereignty, and the Sovereign State 0 Daniel Lee
224A 41313 Spring 2018 Graduate Graduate Seminar in International Security Ron Hassner
232A 29235 Spring 2018 Graduate Formal Models of Political Science Andrew Little
239 29238 Spring 2018 Graduate SPECIAL TOPICS ON STATES, ELITES, AND BUREAUCRACIES 1 Ernesto Dal Bo
239T 39567 Spring 2018 Graduate Introduction to Computational Tools and Techniques
262 41314 Spring 2018 Graduate Voting Behavior and Public Opinion Gabriel Lenz
279 32602 Spring 2018 Graduate Selected Topics in American Government:Federalism and Territory in American Politics Paul Pierson
279 41315 Spring 2018 Graduate Selected Topics in American Government: Public Opinion and Survey Research 2 Taeku Lee
290B 29242 Spring 2018 Graduate Research and Writing Leonardo Arriola and Susan Hyde