Number CCN Semester Level Title Section Instructor(s)
235 72278 Fall 2015 Graduate Introduction to Research Methods Laura Stoker
236A 72279 Fall 2015 Graduate The Statistics of Causal Inference in the Social Science Jasjeet Sekhon
239 72285 Fall 2015 Graduate Selected Topics on Methodology Sean Gailmard
239T 72290 Fall 2015 Graduate Introduction to Computational Tools and Techniques Laura Stoker
244C 72291 Fall 2015 Graduate Chinese Politics: New Voices and Issues for the 21st Century Kevin O'Brien
247G 72294 Fall 2015 Graduate The Comparative Politics of the Welfare State 1 Jonah Levy
262 72297 Fall 2015 Graduate Voting Behavior Gabriel Lenz
271 72303 Fall 2015 Graduate American Government and Political Field Seminar Robert Van Houweling
290A 72308 Fall 2015 Graduate Research and Writing Thad Dunning and Gabriel Lenz
375 72777 Fall 2015 Graduate Graduate Student Instructor Training Seminar Thad Dunning
200B 71984 Spring 2015 Graduate Major Themes in Comparative Analysis: Research Design Thad Dunning and Pradeep K Chhibber
210 71987 Spring 2015 Graduate SELECTED TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS:Politics and Policy Choice in the Advanced Democracies 1 Margaret Weir
210 72690 Spring 2015 Graduate SELECTED TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS: TOPIC National Political Economies in a Global Era 3 John Zysman
210 72684 Spring 2015 Graduate SELECTED TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS: Public Policy and Natural Disasters 2 Jennifer Bussell
212A 71988 Spring 2015 Graduate HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT: ANCIENT Kinch Hoekstra
228 71994 Spring 2015 Graduate Civil Conflict and International Intervention Aila Matanock
231B 71997 Spring 2015 Graduate Quantitative Analysis in Political Research Thad Dunning
232A 72006 Spring 2015 Graduate FORMAL MODELS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Sean Gailmard
239 72023 Spring 2015 Graduate SPECIAL TOPICS ON STATES, ELITES, AND BUREAUCRACIES 1 Ernesto Dal Bo and Rui De Figueiredo
239 72642 Spring 2015 Graduate Special Topics in Design-Based Inference 2 Joel Middleton
245B 72693 Spring 2015 Graduate INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN EAST ASIA T.J. Pempel
252 72027 Spring 2015 Graduate Legal Theory and Institutions Rachel Stern
261 72030 Spring 2015 Graduate Political Behavior Jack Citrin
279 72639 Spring 2015 Graduate Selected Topics in American Government: TBA 3 Robert Van Houweling